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I am indeed Blessed and So is Everyone I know- I am incredibly Thankful 08/08/2012

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I am indeed Blessed. I get a reminder each day, and each breath. No matter, what daily frustrations I encounter, I find that I immediately encounter a personal blessing.
First, I have some great friends and family at work/everywhere. Second, I consider my life to indeed be rich in happiness. I easily reach out for help. That is incredible in these trying times. We are in some fantasticly times which truly test the human spirit. No matter how prepared or resilent we think we are, today challenges can completely break us all. Now I as get older I really see how blessed I am. Secondly I see that I have for the last 20years focused on making the connection of body, Mind, and Spirit. I have endeavored to practice each day. Like the Olympic Athletes, I find that I am can easily navigate thru these challenges times. I still feel excitement and vigor of 30 year old. I am still grasp for challenges. I am not distressed by uncertainty of the times.
I owe a lot to some very masterful people who have mastered the Art of living life its fullest inspite the current circumstance. That is another incredible gift and blessing in my life–Dr. Tae Yun Kim. Each time I meet Dr. Tae Yun Kim, I am aware that it a special moment to meet someone I consider an Angel–an Envoy for God, A gift. I have been so inspired be the best in some many ways. I would not be such great shape mentally,physically or spiritually had I not startied and continued to trained over the last 20 years in martial Arts. In this case the Martial Art encompasses the Art of Living–Work, Body, Mind, and Spirit. At the time prior to training, I personally had decide that I wanted to become a Master. I had no clue that I would actually have the opportunity to actually do it. God is amazing. How could I encounted in life path the best teacher, friend, best Martial Artist, right here in my local city, The odds are incredible for this miracle and blessing.













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