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This is a time celebrate the Birth of nation–Roots and foundation–I now fear we have some cracks in the foundation. 07/07/2012

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For this month of July, I am doing a lot of thinking about the birth of nation.  We  have founded and based this collection of states and people on  some sound very fundamental principles and values which are in truth very spiritually based.   We first recognized  and encouraged the some very basic  rights and freedoms.  We encouraged expression of free will, thoughts, and actions which do not encumber your fellow citizens.  We strictly limit government’s power to limit our expressions and the content our expressions.  Even if very much disagreed with the intent and content  of those actions, we still can express and coexist.    So, I can call you a liar,  and not be put in Jail. 

We have established a republic that until now has withstood some serious challenges by some very formable and well intentioned people.   This time we have encountered someone who really does not care to maintain our treasure  roots.   Our very foundation is being uprooted in front of our eyes.  We are unwittingly  have allowed  this and are passively assisting in this distruction.   I am deeply angered and saddened. We may not be able to recover if this continues.   I pray we wake up!!!


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