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Discovering our Greatness–Being Thankful–Freedom–America is Great!!! 07/01/2012

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I am currently due this time of year really thinking about our country, our people,my family, and myself.  Those are the things that matter to me.  From my family and friends I get to see up close, front and center the results my life.   I see the quality of people surrounding me.  I see and feel the care, love from those near me.   At work a I see results of my work and other around me.  I have so much to be thankful for.   I really have some great people within my family, and at work.   There is laughter, joy, focus, appreciation, love, purpose and the great values that matter in my life.  There is respect.  There are personal heroes within my family.  I have some incredible mentors and friends.  We all love our family, and country.  We all love life and who we are.  We all respect each other opinions. 

What a life!!!

I have family and friend everywhere.   I just keep adding to it.

So, here goes.

In South Carolina where, I grew up.  I have my Mother, Carrie Sojourner who is a great loving, caring, and successful Mom.  She’s a great example of how to live a full and complete American life.  She’d be great in any century,place or planet.   Each of my brothers and sisters have that love of life, and love of God. 

Here, in California, I have added to my family some friends, mentors who take family to a different level.  I have chosen to work at great company that produces some great products which really enhances peoples lives.   We really have an affect on quality and joy of the world around us.   I also in my spare time, daily life get to train and maintain by body, mind, and spirit as Martial Artist.   Actually I do this 24/7.  Remember the line in most Recent Karate Kid.  Martial Arts is everything. I use it every moment.   I also get to help other learn and grow.   I of course am still energized and growing always. 

 I am thankful to have a most incredibleMaster–Great Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim.  Before my Mother, I’d never met another person  whose is so selfless.  Dr. Tae Yun Kim exceed any expectations, measurement, or metrics.  Prepare to part in wonder.   Dr. Tae Yun Kim lives to help others discover the greatness within themselves.  Left to ourselves we place limits and restrictions on lives and successes.   We limit our freedom and successes.   We refuse to celebrate.  Prepare in any interaction to live with a more expanded future version of yourself.  

What a Life!!!  Only in America!!  He Can Do!  She Can Do ! Why Not Me !


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