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Celebrate Every Breath, as If it were you Last–Always follow your Dream like Dr. Tae Yun Kim 06/08/2012

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I live life wherein, I get to see the many miracles of life that happen. I first work here in Silicon Valley in California, USA a hotbed on tremendously creative people, industrous, free spirited individual.  We all strive to  create solutions.    I work at such a company that follows in that American tradition.  Here in Silicon Valley you must not have  just great idea, you must also have a great follow thru, great passion,  great vision.   Like many visionariy before her here in the valley Steve Jobs, David Packard,   Hewlett, Moore, Sanders,   we are led by Dr. Tae Yun Kim,who had vision of starting a Computer company in  America.   Dr.Tae Yun Kim started in Vermont first. After a visit to California, Dr. Kim decided to come to California.  Here Dr. Kim continued here Martial Arts School and continued developing the computer company.   Yes did say  Martial Arts school!   At the time in 1982 Dr. Kim was already at very young age a Grandmaster in the Art of Jung Su Won.  The fervor, passion, focus, discipline, traditional spirit of Body Mind, and Spirit of One was translated and demostrated by Dr. Kim into the  reality of  Computer .Company.  

Since Dr. Tae Yun Kim, was not trained in computer like the typical software or hardware Engineer,  this leap into the high tech world of computer really was/is a true American story of following and implementing a  vision.   Dr. Kim, who  came to America speaking very little English has


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