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Battleship and Snow White movies—Excellent Warrior movies!!! 06/04/2012

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I  saw Batteship for the second time because I was so impressed and attracted to it theme, story, character and action.    Sometimes you see a movies that are so inspiring and purposeful content full.    The values, and life lessons displayed can really be used in life.   There are so many good stories being told in this story.   I really applaud Hollywood for finally providing some really good movies that build character of the movie goers and actually respect the intelligent of us all.   Its a movie that make you proud to me an American.  We are a truly blessed country. 

Hopper the main character, is typical of the current generation and generations of the past.  Early on in life we are floundering with lack of purpose , directionless, fun seeking and reckless.   Yet, there are friends and family who don’t give up on you until you finally discover the spark.   That spark ignites the desire and passion to acheive.  Fortunately for Hopper his brother provided that support and passion.  The final push was  a crisis– Alien invasion which provided the stage for him to show his true self.

Those life crisis if you are ready, provide the push for us all the time in live if we are aware and ready.    Many times we  ignore, we don’t step up or we freeze with  inaction.  

Snow White and the Huntsman, is also a great inspirational movies.    Its main character  Snow White, protrays a strong warrior character at end of movie.  At the beginnng, she is a small child, princess with complete innocence.  She hasna pure heart.    She is close to nature.   Her life changes quickly to chaos when a mother dies.   This is followed by the murder of her father by his new bride.   Snow is imprisoned until she escapes.   The story is well told and produced.


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