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Three Jung SuWon Warriors AKA Cowboys Tested for their Black Belts at Instructor level–Each Warrior is older than 60!!! 05/26/2012

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I had the privilegde of seeing and witnessing a truly phenomonal event.   I saw 3 fellows Warriors test for there next  Blackbelt instructor level.   The next level from this is Master instructor.  Each Warrior is at least 60.    Harrison People, 72,  Bert McMahon, 62, and Greg Dumas,62 all tested.   This was very exciting and powerful experience.   Each showed heart, flexibility, power, endurance, creativity, inspiration, speed and grace expected of  men decades younger.   The years of training obviously has made them more incrediblyt youthful.   They have found the fountain of Youth  to hold back time…. Jung SuWon Martial Arts.   Each of the has great inspirational life story.  Each is from very unique American background. 

Harrision Peoples, has lived the American experience fully.  He served honorably(many, many Thanks!!) in the U.S. Military for more than 20 years.  He received two purple hearts.  He was member of U.S. Army, later the Green Beret.   He continued after the miltary as an exectutive in private industry her in the Silicon Valley.  He still trains daily, still is active in the business world, and his local community.   He is a incredible individual whose main passion is giving and  helping others unconditionally!

Bert MaMahon, is a great example of  the Silicon Valley person.  He has been involved in recent technology communication boom of the last 20 years.  First worked with the Palm pilot and later the Palm phone as it transformed communications around the world.    With all the travel, he has managed to continue to train and  to utilize the Art of Jnng SuWon in his daily work and personal life over the years.

Greg Dumas, is great example of typical  Silicon Valley Engineer of the 80s and 90s.  He too was greatly involved in the communications boom of the 80s and 90s.   He worked with Rolm and later IBM during the timeframe when the PBX phone systems were dominant.  He garnered many patents in this time.   He continues now to work in the next boom– the energy field.  Ironically he was training in parallel with the greatest spiritual Energy Master, Dr. Tae Yun Kim to grow at the spiritual level.  He is a kind of superhero who by day help others companies lilke  manage their personal energy.

So, I am  personally am inspired and honored!!!  I really Thank each of you demonstrating  how to live a life to its fullest   JungSu!!!!


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