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Two Recent events highlight, good energy versus Bad energy–Two U.S. Airlines personnel go beserk!! 04/22/2012

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Times we are  in; What is happening??


On Airlines we had some recent events which really causes me to pause.   I pause because, I am a student of Dr. Tae Yun Kim.   She is very special person, as you can  see from some  the references noted below.  Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s most noted specialty is energy.   She has talked about it , demonstrated and taught about all aspect of energy.  Many times she has said in the past that certain times are bad energy periods versus good energy times.   With these warnings, I have proceeded to go about my daily life carefully because people actions during the bad energy periods is very dangerous and unpredictable.  Now in these times economic and political chaos, people and events are even most dangerous.

So, I was still surprised to hear and see the following event a few weeks ago.   First, a flight a attendant on national U.S. airline, went bezerk in the aisle of a airline flight.  She starting talking about be possessed.    A priest on the flight proceeded to perform an exorcism.    These  ceremonies are almost never public events.  


Next, on different airline, a pilot, left cockpit a start walking the passenger aisle talking about terrorists.   He tried to reenter the cockpit but was denied access.  He was subdued and taken away after the flight was landed by the  co-pilot.  Earlier in the day this pilot had missed the pre-flight meeting.  Nothing hinted that he would later have this mid-flight meltdown.    Had he been at the control, we’d be discussing something quite different. 


These events made recognize how fortunate I am  recognize situations and appropriately manage my life around  these perilous times.  I am indeed blessed.  I really thank God for everything.  I am blessed to know someone as special as Dr. Tae Yun Kim.

Other References:

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1. peterm543 - 04/22/2012

Good blog. We all have to pay attention to what is happening around us to avoid from falling into negative situations.

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