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Passion of Christ, Movie review after seeing movie over Easter Weekend 04/14/2012

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I saw the movie for the first time again this year.  The movie is so real and intense.  Even though I was  casually watching  the movie.  I became immediatlely and completely  engrossed in the  movie.    The subtitles also enhanced the movie.  I can’t believe this event happened more than 2000 years ago.  It  changed the world forever.  It was quantum shift in our thinking.   We’d be completely a more selfish world without Christ’s life demonstration of sacrifice, patience, and loyalty.  

And today the battle continues to follow through on mission of Love.   Christ   demonstrated so well the power of  Love.  That is God’s greatest gift to us.  I have to remember each moment how much I can contribute if only I can have only small amount of discipline and devotion to a purposeful life.  I train as a Martial Artist and instruct others  under a Great teacher and Great Grandmaster, Dr. Tae Yun Kim.  I have the opportunity practice giving and helping others.   Dr. Tae Yun Kim, is a great living example of how Christ lived his life– total unconditional Love and purposeful living.  

I have seven principles which I strive to practice throughout my life.  These principles are very helpful  in helping me acheive my life goals.

Body, Mind and Spirit as One– My uniqueness as an individual, strive to maintain my inner balance and connection God

Truth— inner knowing of real self, and qualities like–right, wrong,–what really matters–family, love..

Purity–Very closely linked to truth–filtering out the garbage thoughts, practices–staying on course

Love—really truly practicing caring about myself and others in a loving but not selfish manner.

Loyalty—always honoring and maintain my goals and a good words

Sacrifice—always staying on course regardless on personal costs- for something that is really important for myself and others.

Patience—always have the inner fortitude to continue even if something is time consuming for a good purpose–I will stay engaged not give up.

I have over my life had the opportunity really be tested.   The above principles have kept on track.  I very much thank Dr. Tae Yum Kim for formulating these principle and provide such a great example how to integrate these into a her highly successful but very challenging life.

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