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Celebrate Every Breath–Dr. Tae Yun Kim, author 04/01/2012

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We  live in a challenging time. Stress, jobless, poverty, personal turmoil and all matter of distractions make it impossible to make that so called pursuit of happiness a real success.  However there is a lady whose personal life is filled will living moments of success.   Somehow she embraces the hurts and pains such that she can “Celebrate each Breathe”.   I train as a Black Belt at her Academy ==Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy in Fremont, CA.  How can someone do what you what she does.   She started with very humble beginnings in the far away place of South Korea in a tiny village home.  Yet, today she is recognized as the Hope of her country, a Living Legend. I personally strive to emulate her consistent drive make each moment count.  To her students, she is indeed an American Treasure.  

Discover who she is.  You too will discover how to Celebrate Every Breath!   Each moment will count!  For me I enjoy and treasure the relationships and presence of  those near me so much more now!!

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