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Yes the impossible!  How can paper break rock.  How can a rolled newspaper break 3 free standing bricks?  How can paper do this as a speed-break with no supports?  Answer:  It can’t.  It is only the spirit that takes a hold of the rolled up newspaper and follows his master’s direction that makes the impossible now possible!

This is just a moment in the awesome martial arts training that I have received directly from our Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  The Art of Jung SuWon that she founded really is an incredible experience.  Body, Mind and Spirit are all involved and all work towards the same goal.  Each recognizes the other.  Each supports the other.  Each is part of the same whole together.


Other references:  Life Story, Sports, CEO,  JSW, Workface, TKD Hall of Fame, The martial artistWoman’s Summit speaker

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