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Spring March 2012–Revving up training in prep for summer; Learning to blog and document training 03/18/2012

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Today’s Thought!!

This is a very exciting period of time for me in this year of our Lord March 2012.   So much is happening, in my personal life.   At this time I am so busy working at Lighthouse on exciting projects during the day.   I am training often in the evenings.   At 59, I still feel fresh, enegetic, and filled with antcipation.   In one word, I am ready.   Each day is a chance to do more.

Anyway,  look for more posts from me about my life, challenges, wins…etc.    I have so many heroes nearby and present in my life.

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Always remember no matter what  the challenges  keep moving, and striving…  He Can Do, She Can Do, Why not Me!!!


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